Transportation and distribution infrastructures are critical to national economies and global trade. Quadrant’s damages experts have extensive experience advising clients on quantum matters in high-stakes arbitration disputes involving assets in the transportation and distribution industry, including airlines, airports, toll roads, railroads, and container ports.

Complex concession agreements, high capital expenditures, and high levels of market competition are common features of the transportation and distribution industry. Quadrant’s experts have experience assessing the underlying value of various transportation and distribution assets by analyzing the economic aspects of concession agreements, assessing how the capital expenditure requirements of the industry impact the debt and leverage of the asset being valued, as well as conducting market analyses that assess price competition within an industry.

As part of damages valuations, Quadrant’s experts evaluate the historical performance of assets, the proper metrics to assess profitability, and the macroeconomic and regulatory factors that impact a valuation such as exchange rate regimes and trade policy.

Quadrant’s experts can also assist clients in determining the proper valuation methodology, such as assessing the applicability of the fair market value standard and the Discounted Cash Flow method as well as assessing the discount rates that adequately reflect the risks faced by the assets being valued. In cases where an income-based approach is not appropriate, Quadrant’s experts also have experience in analyzing valuations that are based on a multiples market approach or an asset’s liquidation value.