Telecommunication assets are critical to the infrastructure of national economies.  The telecommunication industry is rapidly evolving; thus, reliable economic analysis is essential to understand the complex business and regulatory environment.  

Quadrant’s damages experts have extensive experience advising clients on quantum matters involving global telecommunication companies.  We have consulted on several high-stakes disputes involving fixed wireless and wired broadband, mobile broadband, fiber-optic, and LTE networks.  As part of damages valuations, Quadrant’s experts have valued licenses and the spectrum allocated to those licenses. We also have evaluated the historical performance of telecommunications assets, and analyzed macroeconomic and regulatory factors that impact a valuation, such as exchange rate regimes, trade policy, market pricing trends of licensing fees for spectrum rights, as well as, pricing trends of telecommunications consumer services.

As damages experts, we have analyzed the telecommunications industry in India, Colombia, Uruguay, Turkmenistan, Peru, Georgia, and Angola.  We have conducted valuations using an income-based approach like the Discounted Cash Flow method, as well as alternative methods such as comparable company analysis or an investment sunk cost approach.  Quadrant’s experts assist clients in determining the proper valuation methodology of telecommunication assets after conducting a rigorous analysis of the company, the market, and the relevant facts of the case.