Our team has many years of experience conducting valuations of mining projects and mineral deposits. We have worked as damages experts in high-stakes disputes involving multibillion-dollar damages claims related to different mining projects and different commodities around the world, including copper, gold, silver, iron ore, cobalt, nickel, coal, lithium, phosphate, tin, and zinc.  Quadrant’s valuation and damages experts help clients navigate the complex economic and regulatory landscape of the mining industry by providing them with expert analysis and testimony.

We provide a range of services, including the appraisal of assets, forecasting commodity prices, analyzing the financing options for large-scale mining projects, reviewing the financial terms of off-take agreements, and assessing the economic impact of changes in mining laws and royalty regimes. Our team also has experience collaborating with mining engineers to quantify the level of resources or reserves available to the project and to address other technical aspects that impact the economics of the project.

Our damages experts value mining projects all over the world, at various development stages, including long-standing producing mines as well as greenfield projects in the early exploratory phase. We determine the appropriate valuation methodology after conducting a rigorous analysis of the stage of the project, assessing the reliability of the data available, and consulting various international standards and guidelines, such as CIMVAL, IMVAL and VALMIN. We have ample experience using income, market, and asset-based approaches to value different mining projects.