One of Quadrant’s main practice areas is the oil and gas industry. Our team has been entrusted by clients as economic damages experts in high-stakes oil and gas arbitrations, involving multibillion-dollar claims.  We have worked on many matters involving different aspects of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies, including exploration, exploitation, commercialization, and exports.

Our economic consultants provide a range of services to clients involved with oil and gas projects. We help our clients navigate the complex economic and regulatory landscape of the industry by providing them with expert analysis and testimony. We have ample experience with:

  • Valuing oil and gas projects at all stages of development using a variety of methodologies including: income-based methods like Discounted Cash Flow analysis; market-based methods that compare financial metrics and market prices of similar assets to determine value; and asset-based methods such as the net investment cost approach;
  • Analyzing the economic and financial terms of production sharing agreements between oil conglomerates and governments;
  • Consulting on cost recovery disputes involving multi-billion-dollar oil and gas operations;
  • Working with technical petroleum engineers to quantify the level of resources or reserves available to the project in dispute, to forecast capital and operating costs, and to assess the viability of prospective projects;
  • Reviewing feasibility studies, financing arrangements, business plans, internal financial models, and other project documents;
  • Analyzing industry reports and oil price forecasts and incorporating market sentiment into our financial models; and
  • Conducting in-depth comparisons of the economics of the oil and gas project at issue with other projects of similar scale, technical features, and consumer markets.

Our experience extends over a decade in the oil and gas industry, analyzing projects in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that our economic analysis is not abstract or theoretical, but grounded in the political, social, and economic realities of the country and region in which the project is located.