Large-scale construction projects involve investments from multinational parties, highly competitive bidding processes, contracts with complex economic and financial terms, and multiple project milestones. These aspects, among others, may lead to high-stake litigation and arbitration that require dispute advisors and economic damages experts like Quadrant.

We have worked on construction disputes that concern delays in achieving milestones, cost overruns, permit denials, contract termination, and changes in the scope of work, among other reasons. As part of its damages valuations for construction assets, Quadrant’s experts:

  • Evaluate the applicability of the fair market value standard and the appropriateness of different valuation methods, such as the Discounted Cash Flow method;
  • Perform an investment sunk cost analysis that quantifies the amount of unrecoverable expenditures incurred with a large-scale construction project;
  • Assess the discount rates that adequately reflect the risks faced by the construction project being valued;
  • Conduct financial statement analyses to help determine an asset’s financial strength and underlying value;
  • Conduct market and policy analyses, such as assessing how government capital expenditure policies affect valuations involving public work construction contracts; and
  • Assess how economic risks are allocated among the parties to a construction contract and how such risk allocations impact damages.

We have extensive experience in the valuation of assets involved in various construction industry segments.