Who’s Who Legal Guide Recognizes Quadrant’s Experts

April, 2024 News
Who’s Who Legal Guide Recognizes Quadrant’s Experts featured image

The independent research conducted by Who’s Who Legal (WWL) has recognized Quadrant’s valuation and damages experts in the areas of Arbitration, Energy, Mining, and in Financial Valuation and Quantum of Damages.[1]

Daniel Flores has been recognized by WWL since 2014 as being among the world’s leading arbitration expert witnesses. The publication ranks Dr. Flores as a thought leader in arbitration, and a recommended expert in mining, energy, and disputes involving valuation and quantum of damages. WWL reports that clients have praised Dr. Flores as a “highly effective economics expert” who is “always great on the stand,” is able to “cut through to the most pertinent issues of any case” and to “explain complex concepts with great ease.”

Ettore Comi has been recognized by WWL every year since 2017 as a leading expert in arbitration and in matters involving valuation and quantum of damages. Mr. Comi has garnered strong support for his performance on a broad range of financial advisory and valuation issues. Clients describe him as “sharp with excellent clarity in his analysis,” who is “very well prepared and responsive” and with an “impressive knowledge of the industry.”

Ryan McCann is ranked by WWL as a future leader in arbitration for his work on quantum issues and damages. Clients have praised his ability to clearly explain complex subject matters. They stated that Mr. McCann “is very didactic and his explanations are extremely clear” and that “[e]verything Ryan says is easy to understand, even if the subject matter isn’t.”

Jordan Heim is ranked by WWL as a recommended damages expert in mining, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Clients have praised Mr. Heim’s ability to “communicate his findings in a very clear and convincing way.”

[1] The above content for each expert was compiled from both the WWL’s current website profiles and the published 2023 WWL Arbitration Guide.