Quadrant is an economic consulting firm that specializes in performing valuations, assessing economic damages, and delivering expert reports and testimony. Our core experience is in international arbitration and litigation, where we have combined decades of experience across our team of valuation and damages experts. Explore our featured casework below.

Omega Engineering v. Panama


Quadrant’s Damages Experts Testify in Panamanian Construction and Public Works Arbitration. Quadrant’s experts, Dr. Daniel Flores and Mr. Ryan McCann, were retained by the Republic of Panama (“Respondent”) as quantum...

Quiborax et al. v. Bolivia

Mining and Minerals

Quadrant’s Damages Expert Testifies in Bolivian Mineral Extraction and Processing Arbitration Quadrant’s expert, Dr. Daniel Flores was retained by the Plurinational State of Bolivia (“Respondent”) as a quantum...